Messengers 2: The Scarecrow

53.62% | Jul 21, 2009 | Horror

The family man farmer John Rollins is stressed with his financial situation: the crows and the lack of irrigation are destroying his crop of corn; the bank is near closure of his mortgage; he does not have credit to fix the water pump or to buy seeds; and his marriage is in crisis and his wife Mary is giving too much attention to her friend Tommy. When John accidentally discovers a hidden compartment in the barn, he finds a creepy scarecrow but his son Michael makes him promise to destroy it. However, his neighbor Jude Weatherby visits him, gives a six-pack of beer to the abstemious John and convinces him to put the scarecrow in the cornfield. Out of the blue, the life of John changes: the crows die; the pump works again irrigating the land; and the banker responsible for the closure has an accident and dies. However, he feels that his land is possessed by something evil that is threatening his beloved family.

Featured Crew

Joseph LoDuca
Meg Morman


Norman Reedus
John Rollins
Heather Stephens
Mary Rollins
Claire Holt
Lindsey Rollins
Richard Riehle
Jude Weatherby
Darcy Fowers
Miranda Weatherby